The Call of Hummingbird:
In the Pursuit of
Wholeness & Well-Being

Joyful Agent of Change

Our Founding Myth. 

For many cultures, most notably the First Nation Peoples of the United States, *Hummingbird is a symbol of lightness, joy and healing.  

Despite its small stature, Hummingbird is a considered a powerful creature. It flaps its wings more than 100 times per second, and can also fly sideways and backwards. In fact, its wings can make a "figure 8" or infinity pattern.  Most notably, it has the capacity to hover over that which provides nectar for long periods of time.  In fact, the flowers & plants benefit from the hummingbird drawing its nectar as well: it is said they reproduce even more after Hummingbird's visit!

Hummingbird serves as a guide to help individuals pursue joy and the *endurance* for the journey.  This delightful bird also helps individuals through challenges: overcoming obstacles, setbacks and roadblocks.  It helps us to remain flexible with the twists and turns of life.  The hummingbird encourages healing and developing the capacity to focus on the present.   It helps open our heart.  It help us with love.

Our Approach.
In the spirit of Hummingbird, we are madly passionate about healing and embodied wholeness, both for the individual and the collective.  In fact, we are doggedly determined to faciliate its fruition in your life journey.  We use a psycho-spiritual care approach with close attention to the emotions the mind and the body.

As our expression of our wholeness, we seek to assist you in pursuing and locating where your nectar is.  

  • What is your nectar?  
  • Where do you need more sweetness?
  • What gives you joy?
  • What will help with your healing?  
  • What will facilitate your wholeness?
  • What will help you connect with your light? 
  • What do you want to transform? 
  • Are you battling shame and guilt?
  • Are you experiencing or surrounded by negativity?
  • Are you feeling fragmented, disoriented, stuck, or distracted, ruminating about the past or future, and want to be in the present?
  • Do you want to release what no longer serves you?

Your answering Hummingbird's call may require undergoing the challenges that accompany such an pursuit, such as delving into areas or subjects that may be considered hidden, taboo or too painful. 

Yet, you are not alone! We are committed to supporting those who seek to embark on, or resume, this scary, exciting, adventurous, loving, joyous, life long endeavor.  

And it is our belief that this journey of wholeness - the pursuit of our nectar -  is what makes us fully human and most faithful to our unique expression of the Universal Mind and Divine Consciousness.

Y/Our Outcomes. 
We invite you to answer Hummingbird's call!!!

The return of your investment to enhance and enjory your life cannot be overstated: we can all use a bit more sweetness in our lives.

Make no mistake: this undertaking is an act of tenancious courage. It is emotional. spiritual. physiological. psychological. intellectual. and the best form of love present in this world.  

People in pursuit of what nourishes and heals them enjoy their lives and contribute to the world being a  better place.

To the winds of the North
Sweet sweet hummingbird, and ancestors
Please be with us

Hummingbird, you who memorizes thousands and thousands of flowers
But only go to the ones that truly nourish you
Please illuminate where our nectar is
And give us the discipline to go there more often
Less tempted by false images

Hummingbird, you who travel from Canada to Brazil every year
This tiny bird on this big epic journey
Let us find strength for our own epic journey

Ancestors, those of you that have been here before
And those who will be here after us
Please help guide our way

Please come warm your hands by our fires, by our rituals
And help to keep our eyes, ears, hearts, minds open to your guidance
To the synchronicity, to the grace, to the ease
Help us to align with our soul's path
And let it be sweet

 ​- Excerpted First Nation/Native American Prayer to the Elements