The Call of Hummingbird:
In the Pursuit of
Wholeness & Well-Being


"Tara has coached me through many a personal and professional crisis over the years. Her empathetic spirit and caring aura provide a comfortable, non-judgmental space for you to open up. While that alone is amazing for people who just want to be heard, her true talent shines in her intellectual analysis. She listens and hears everything you say and what you don't say. She asks precise questions that cut to the heart of the matter. Her analysis involves not just you, but the people and institutions you're interacting with. Her experiences as a lawyer, teacher, and minister provider her with deep knowledge of individual motivations, group dynamics, organizational maturity, and how these factors interact. For example, she helped me to accurately identify the factors that motivated a particularly difficult person I worked with in an organization, and she helped me to devise effective strategies that used my personality traits to not only diffuse this difficult personality, but turned the individual into an ally. Turning this person into an ally helped me both personally and professionally. Tara coached me into not only seeing and diagnosing the problem, but she motivated me to take appropriate action to address it. Tara's life-coaching is well worth the investment. "

J.W., Attorney & Mediator 

"Tara is the most brilliant and insightful person that I have ever met!  Her vision and her life coaching skills are solid.  When I was going through my marriage breaking up, I saw 2 different counselors, and none of them were as helpful in getting me through that process as Tara.  She is so intuitive that she managed to see things that other people missed in my thought processes and plans. You will not find a better life coach!

W. S., University Educator & Middle Eastern Studies Expert

“Tara has a well-developed, diverse, and broad theological imagination that spans several religious traditions.  The primary theme that she articulated ... had to do with the universality of the sacred. Tara has the capacity to see the sacred in the mundane and the profane, and honor it. ... This ability comes from a lifelong (and ongoing) search for the sacred in her own life that generates healing and wholeness. She is still very much on that journey herself (like we all are) and eager and adept at helping others along the way." 

D.F.,  Reverend & Director of Spiritual Care and Education Department, International Hospital

"You have to be dedicated to the work, because the lift is real. As a coach, Tara has the uncanny ability to dissect and discern you and the noise you've been identifying with while dispensing valuable insight that leaves you wanted to discover and uncover more. With responsive remedies and reconstruction -- She equips you to tackle all that you lament while graciously encouraging you to persevere and reminding you to shine the most brilliant parts of yourself.  Tara is beyond compassionate, and guides you to betterment at your own pace making the evolution and transition a palatable process.  Her highly effectual exercises and skilled listening rates higher than any of the professionals I've experienced in the past. "

J. S., Marketing Strategist and Branding Professional

"When Tara provides coaching, it’s not cookie-cutter or filled with motivational speaker clichés.  She takes the time to understand everything that influences who you are right now, and customizes her coaching approach to that person – without judgment.  Then, she becomes your fully-vested partner to discover your highest goals and deepest aspirations.  Tara’s sole purpose is to equip her clients with the emotional, spiritual and mental tools to become their greatest selves.  If you want REAL, SUSTAINABLE change in your life, Tara is the coach you need!"

J. G., Aspiring Musician and Senior Health Care Professional